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What we do

hack.carleton is a Carleton University club that seeks to encouragement the development of information security skills of its students and raise awareness of information security related issues arising from the growing importance of technology is our daily lives.


But I don’t know anything about infosec!

That doesn’t matter, we want to help you learn! A lot of our members started off knowing absolutely nothing about infosec (read: hacking), what we care about is you’re interested in learning. The events we participate in have challenges for every skill level, whether you’re learning how to read a pcap file or doing whatever this is, we’d love to have you on our team.


Events // CTFs

Conferences: When we can we love to attend conferences like BSides Ottawa where we have the  chance to listen to talks on current infosec topics and participate in Capture the Flag (CTF) events.

Capture the Flag (CTF): Organized and run by a number of different organizations including companies like Google and academic institutions you’ll have the chance to complete challenges. CTFs are usually usually divided along “tracks” that can include (but not limited to) reverse engineering, web, forensics, and cryptography. Each track usually start off with an easy challenge which is used to setup subsequent challenges on the same track which increase in difficulty.

CTFs usually last 48 hours and start on a Friday night ending sometime Sunday evening. Some of members dedicate their weekends to these while others who might be dealing with an deluge of academic responsibilities might only stop by for a few hours, whatever their schedule allows for.

Here’s our next challenge,


Come hang out with us

You can view all the ways you can reach us here and if you have a email address you should check us out on slack!




We’re on slack! If you have an you can sign up. #hackcarleton


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