• Google CTF 2016 // Unbreakable Enterprise Product Activation (150 points)

    Capture the Flag, Google CTF

    We need help activating this product — we’ve lost our license key 🙁

    You’re our only hope!

    ubuntu@ip-172-31-15-71:~$ ./unbreakable-enterprise-product-activation
    unbreakable-enterprise-product-activation: ./unbreakable_enterprise_product_activation product-key
    ubuntu@ip-172-31-15-71:~$ ./unbreakable-enterprise-product-activation test
    Product activation failure 255

    Opening the executable in Binary Ninja and looking at the main function shows that there’s a lot of calls being made.… Read more

  • Google CTF 2016 // In Recorded Conversation (25 points)

    Capture the Flag, Google CTF

    This challenge was straightforward. You’re presented with irc.pcap which you open up in Wireshark. Following the TCP stream you’ll be able to find this near the end of the conversation:

    PRIVMSG #ctf :so let's do it as a group
    :andrewg!~poppopret@agriffiths.c.gctf-2015-admins.google.com.internal PRIVMSG #ctf :CTF{
    PING irc.capturetheflag.withgoogle.com
    :irc.capturetheflag.withgoogle.com PONG irc.capturetheflag.withgoogle.com :irc.capturetheflag.withgoogle.com
    :itsl0wk3y!~poppopret@itsl0wk3y.c.gctf-2015-admins.google.com.internal PRIVMSG #ctf :some_
    PRIVMSG #ctf :leaks_
    :andrewg!~poppopret@agriffiths.c.gctf-2015-admins.google.com.internal PRIVMSG #ctf :are_
    PRIVMSG #ctf :good_
    :itsl0wk3y!~poppopret@itsl0wk3y.c.gctf-2015-admins.google.com.internal PRIVMSG #ctf :leaks_
    :andrewg!~poppopret@agriffiths.c.gctf-2015-admins.google.com.internal PRIVMSG #ctf :}


    There it is: CTF{some_leaks_are_good_leaks_}Read more


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